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My name is Laura E May and I was born and raised in Mexico City, the second largest city with 21.2 million inhabitants. I am the eldest child of 4 sisters and one brother. My father worked in telecommunications in Mexico City and my mother was a stay-home mom. My parents did not have formal education but they placed a high value on educational attainment. My elementary and high school years were done a public school and most of time I had to travel an hour to get to school on public transportation which made my trip much longer than what it was. In 1981 I began the process of pursuing a major in psychology in the University of Mexico (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico), which I completed in 1986.  In 1987, my journey began and I immigrated with my husband and my daughter to Texas. The first years of my life here were not only a cultural shock, but also a setback in my career pursuits. Learning English as an adult requires a true commitment and realization that anything that was familiar to me was no longer there. It took me several years to have enough confidence to compete academically with native English speakers. In 2004, I  graduated and decided to get into an alternative certification program to obtain my bilingual elementary certification. I am currently teaching in the district of Waller Independent School District as a Spanish teacher. I’ve been a teacher for almost 1years and I can honestly attest that this is a very noble career. However, the need to educate our children and their families depends greatly of our understanding and commitment to them. For this reason in 2012, I enrolled in the counseling program. I graduated from the counseling masters  program in 2015 and obtained my intern licensure as an LPC (License Professional Counselor) as well as my school counseling certificate 
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